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Fleet Transport

Adelphi-TransportOur Transport Division

Adelphi Engineering & Construction have obtained a Standard Goods Vehicle Operators Licence that allow us to handle and deliver goods over and above that for our own usage.

Our transport division consists of our Renault Tractor Unit & 3 axle Artic Trailer with 44000kg’s gross weight to accompany our Iveco Lorry 7500kg’s gross weight with longer wheel axles. This increased our distribution and capability capacity to haul larger and longer quantities of steel and also maintain a handle in deliveries of smaller shorter loads within a viable cost to meet our clients’ needs. We also have a fleet of vehicles consisting of 2 vans and 3 pick-ups which serve as transport for labour, material and tools to and from site.

Our FD25 Mitsubishi Forklift is used to assist in loading our vehicles and pelleting of materials internally and externally.

Adelphi Engineering & Construction fleet vehicles are also available for contract hire please contact us direct for further details.



Adelphi Transport